The Internet arena presents a growing tide of information made available to every individual on the planet. In the process, we are approaching a gigantic library of information akin to an information overload. Like any library, acquiring information in an effective and efficient manner is crucial to keep abreast of the ever-changing environment today.

The rapid global change in various fields and dimensions demands mastery in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). However, the widespread and critical utilization of ICT has raised concerns in relation to information security which could have an imperative effect to the public and the nation.


Aligned with the paradigm shift, it is crucial to comprehend a coordinated effort from all sectors ensuring our cyberspace is safe and secure. The coordinated effort shall be competent to deliver cyber initiatives with the right timing and depth to reach the nationwide audience.


In our effort to continuously nurture and develop Information Security Professionals in Malaysia, we have established an association to complement this effort through the strong support from industry players, higher education centers and CyberSecurity Malaysia. The Information Security Professionals Association of Malaysia (ISPA) was officially registered under Section 7 of the Malaysia Society Act 1966 on the 2nd. Of March 2011.


Information Security Professional Association of Malaysia (ISPA) consists of a team of dedicated information security professionals who are determined to advocate these initiatives. By doing so, we are at the forefront of creating order out of the information security chaos. In the process, we will realize the goal to build an informative and intelligent community who will utilize the cyberspace in an efficient and orderly manner.


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